Build: A Typographic Primer


Jason Santa Maria - On web typography Tim Brown - More perfect typography Craig Mod - Edges and Boundaries and the Future Book An Evening With: Jessica Hische Each talk is brilliant in it’s own way, if you can spare the time I recommend watching them all, not to mention all other Build…

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Letters & Stone


I first seen this post at about 8am this morning and in my sleepy state, just checking my daily type news and I failed to notice that the design was responsive and changed as I never read the article again on my desktop until I seen all the tweets later in the day. This is a fantastic read, what I…

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Introducing TypeGroup


TypeGroup is a foundry and type production facility. As well as designing and developing typefaces for sale, we’re seeking opportunities for collaboration on type-based projects. Having already had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Tannam from the team at the 3 day Underware Type Workshop in Belfast b…

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The Wikipedia Redefined


An interesting project from design agency newisnew, rebranding and rethinking the entire wikipedia experience. They produced some lovely visuals, I like the typographic treatments for the wikimedia channels, its a nice use of colour and branding. However the orginal wikipedia ‘W’…

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Blue Red Alphabet


Hansje van Halem graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2003 and works as an independant graphic designer since. She has great love for typography, book design and all other types of printed matter. The Blue Red Alphabet is an experimental peice of work exploring lettering and type using…

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The face of type


A great insight into the Erik Spiekermann exhibition at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin is now avail­able with Eng­lish sub­ti­tles.

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Canary Typeface


A wonderfully friendly typeface from Mark Frömberg a Berlin based designer. Reminds me of Bello Pro from Underware Canary is a hybrid of left italic antiqua and brush painted script. It provides many automated and connectable letter substitutions that can slightly shift the font into the field of …

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